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NYC Flooding: Green Roof Solutions

Hard Rain If you’ve been outside, near a window, or on the Internet today, you’re well aware that there is a serious rain event happening in all five boroughs of NYC. On the edge of this latest in a series of serious storms, New Yorkers are looking at a potential of 8+ inches of rainRead More

NYC Green Roof Mandate: Local Laws 92 & 94

Green Infrastructure We’re fast approaching the four year anniversary of the passing of Local Laws 92 & 94, amendments to the New York City Building Code which mandate the installation of solar panels or green roof areas as part of all new construction and any rooftop renovations. We thought it would be great to revisitRead More

Beating the Heat with Cool, Green Roofs

Urban Heat Island of Manhattan As New Yorkers, we’re all too familiar with the infamous ‘urban heat island‘ effect. To be fair, we’re often spoiled in our work as we traipse about, beating the heat in the idyllic, shaded, lush gardens we’re lucky to know, checking in on our sites as part of a robustRead More

Sprung! Signs of Green Roof Spring

We try not to play favorites with the green roof seasons, but Spring is definitely in our top four… Winter in New York City can be a challenging time for plants, particularly those on green roofs. Extreme cold temperatures, snow, and ice can cause stress and damage to plants. Despite the harsh conditions, some plantsRead More