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Winterizing an irrigation system: The basics

You should know what it will take to blow out your green roof irrigation system before you install it. Whether you are installing a single-zone system to water a few balcony planters, or setting up a more complex system for a built-in green roof, we will walk you through the basics.

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Building a green roof? Don’t install a lawn.

If you are tempted by the idea of creating a lush lawn on your rooftop we suggest you reconsider. We will discuss both some reasons why lawns are not good candidates for green roofs as well as some alternate design options.

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What are these orange bugs all over my milkweeds!?

There are two common yellowish-orange bugs of the six-leg variety that frequent milkweed plants. Both insects are easy to spot and easily identified due to their bright color. They also both commonly appear in very dense clusters, which makes them downright hard to miss. Surprise! Neither of these insects is the majestic monarch butterfly.

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