Company History

After working in the green infrastructure industry for several years at a New York City-based not-for-profit organization, brothers Eric and Mark Dalski realized they shared a deep interest in green roofs and their potential to literally and figuratively change the landscape of New York City.

In 2009, before green roofs were recognized and endorsed as a cost-effective approach to creating healthier cities and waterways, the Dalski brothers took their passion and founded Highview Creations, named after the street where they grew up. Since then, the company has grown with the help of its dedicated team to become the premier green roof design-build firm in New York City.  

Green Roof Services in Brooklyn - Highview Creations

Meet Our Team

Our team of hardworking designers, horticulturalists, ecologists, and craftspeople are committed to delivering beautiful, high-quality green roofs and rooftop gardens. We take pride in our honest work and aim to form long-lasting relationships with every client.

Our Purpose

Highview Creations believes the integration of green roofs into urban settings provides local ecologies that act as natural systems to create a healthier New York City. Our team brings integrity, innovation, and knowledge to every project from start to finish.


Highview Creations transforms vacant rooftops and cityscapes into beautiful, ecologically productive, and natural systems.


We see existing infrastructure as a platform to integrate living systems and the benefits they provide to create a healthier urban environment.


We understand the importance of green infrastructure and natural systems in our cities, and strive to develop each project with integrity and determination to create the best possible product for our clients.